The web has changed since 2002, when I started this domain. Now the things I once did here have been replaced by 3rd party services such as Twitter, Linked-In, and GitHub. Not sure what this site will become. I will upload and share some of the side projects I have found interesting. -- Stephen R. Owens

For now you can find me on...

  • Linked-In professional info
  • Twitter where I follow indie game devs
  • GitHub where I share some open source code

Just for fun...

  • Garden of bees - King Bumbleton has gone crazy, and the drones are buzzing all up in your biz. Can you make it through the Garden of Bees?
  • Dusty Toots - Game dev jam Ludum Dare 32: An Unconventional Weapon. First time trying Construct 2 to make an HTML5 game project. I picked a wet fish as my unconventional weapon. I also had some funny hairball hacking animations, but I ran out of time to implement them. So I scaled up the hairball size and used it as the enemies instead.