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Playable Video Game Projects

  • Broken Tower Defense - [runs in a browser HTML5] Coding Blocks Game Jam 2021: theme Everything is Broken. First attempt at using Godot, and what a fantastic game engine that is. My son and I worked on this project together for two days. The shooting mechanic is broken and doesn't always hit the target. In most TD the shots always hit their target.
  • Dusty Toots - [runs in a browser HTML5] Game dev jam Ludum Dare 32: theme An Unconventional Weapon. First time trying Construct 2 to make an HTML5 game project. I picked a wet fish as my unconventional weapon. I also had some funny hairball hacking animations, but I ran out of time to implement them. So I scaled up the hairball size and used it as the enemies instead.

Videos of Projects