About Garden of Bees

King Bumbleton has gone crazy, and the drones are buzzing all up in your biz. Can you make it through the Garden of Bees?

A few thoughts from Stephen:

Really like how the bees and frogs turned out.

Started building this game in 2008. Life happened. It's been sitting in the hard drive for six years. Time to get it out there. Shake off the digital dust.

Garden of Bees was built using Macromedia Flash Pro 8 circa 2008. Now that it's 2014 I converted it for editing in Adobe Flash CS6 to import the sounds. The code is still ActionScript 2.

I deleted all the partial levels from the game. Slapped on some Creative Commons music and sound effects. Pushed this game out the door as is.

I really enjoyed writing the ActionScript class files for all the NPCs. I like making things move around and do stuff. I also constructed this cool path building tool for Jay to use. The path tool runs right in the game as he tested his levels. That way if he need to adjust a path you can do it right then.

Credits & Contact Info

Need to give credit where credit is due.

Game Development Credits

Stephen Owens
Programming, Art, Game Design, Level Design

Jay Cochrane
Game Design, Level Design, Art

Arlove Gillen
Fairy Illustration